Diabetes is a metabolic sickness due to very a high glucose level in the blood. The glycaemia (glucose circulating in the blood) increasing produces insulin secretion by pancreas in our body and the diabetes is caused by the failing of insulin production. According to studies, France is the second country in all over the world, where people eat properly and good. This is thanks to availability, prices and quality of food. There is malnutrition absence and potable water access. There are low diabetes levels in the country. However, according to other studies, In France, diabetes is the second more frequent chronic pathology after Cancer. 15 of 100,000 French adolescents are insulin-dependent and every year, 4150 French men and 5810 French women die because of this chronic illness ( pharmacie de garde ) and 7,700 men with 8,950 women deaths are consequence of high blood glucose. The citizens that are more affected in France are those from the northern France and some departments of Ultramar.


Diabetes type 2 incidence increases 5, 7% every year for French citizens. Among the causes of suffering this illness areGenetic or hereditary factors. In almost all cases of diabetes, one of the parents or grandparents suffer from diabetes. In the case of twins, if one of them has the illness, the other has an 80% risk.


 Overweight is present in the 85 percent of people suffering from diabetes type 2. According to studies, a 64% of French population are in overweight. Another important factor is food and drink. It is demonstrated that “light” drinks increase in a 2, 3% the diabetes risks. The French medical Investigation advices about the risks of drinking these types of drinks, because they say, French consumers drink more of the Light drinks because they think, they are healthier than normal drinks.

Obesity. 25.7 of French citizens are in obesity and this causes several health problems including the chronic diseases.  Virus and environmental factors. These causes are typical of Diabetes type

Diabetes probabilities

French people who have more probabilities to suffer from Diabetes type 2 are those who:

Are in overweight or have obesity

Are older than 45 years old.

Have record of familiar suffering from the chronic illness.

Have high blood pressure.

Have low level of cholesterol or a high level of triglycerides.

Gave birth to a more than 9 pounds baby or have gestational diabetes background.

Is not physically active.

Have heart or cardiovascular diseases.

Suffer from depression

How to prevent

If you reach one or more probability bullet points, then you are a French citizen that must suffer from Diabetes type 2 which is the most common in French residents. French Health Ministry advices about what to do to prevent and reduce probabilities of suffering this chronic illness. Among the important challenges are:

Try to lose weight and not gain it again.

Be active. Being active is not just for athletes. It is important to acquire healthier activities in order to control or prevent illnesses. You can have 30 minutes of physical activity and this will help you be in a better shape besides be healthy. Eat healthy most of time. We know the French habits of eating dairy, bread, desserts and meat. But it is necessary to add more vegetables and change some ways to cook food. It is also important to cook with no much oil and decrease calories. If you have diabetes symptoms, then you need to visit a health care center and make the necessary tests to know if you suffer from diabetes or even prediabetes.


If you discover that you are suffering from diabetes, the medicine you will have to take depends on the kind of diabetes you suffer from. Diabetes type 1 is controlled with small doses of insulin several times a day because the body is not producing this hormone anymore. Diabetes type 2 is also controlled with insulin doses and also tablets or medicine injected under skin. If you have gestational diabetes, you will have to take insulin and other oral medicine like metformin which is taken during pregnancy without problems for the fetus.

There are several ways to provide insulin to patients. Among the most common are: needle and syringe. (It can be injected in several parts of the body according to needs). Another mode is the pen-type insulin auto-injector. Insulin pumps, inhalator, and the injection station. Other options to treat diabetes are bariatric surgeries and artificial pancreas. There are three French clinics that provide this service at different costs which are in Lyon and Paris. On the other hand, there are few health care centers that have projects for developing pancreas in an artificial way.

The French public health organization ( ce site ) covers 100% of medical costs for 80% of French people who are suffering from diabetes. This costs is around 9,000 million euros every year. While the FHM guarantees and finances a system about Abbott Diabetes Free in the whole country to monitor glucose, there is no need of routine punctures in the fingers of people suffering from diabetes. The goal is having the best technology available for this people and French can live healthier and more comfortable.

Around a 6% of French population are sick because of diabetes and the number of people with this chronic disease increment day by day. It is necessary that we improve our lifestyles. Let´s start to eat healthily and stay physically active in order to control or avoid this epidemic that is affecting worldwide and it is one of the main causes of health problems and deaths in France. It is necessary to think about our relatives and teach our children to have healthier lifestyles. Let´s teach them to be active, to exercise regularly, to play outside, inform ourselves about diseases and take control of them for stopping more deaths thanks to this big health problem in France and help others to take control for a better lifestyle and avoid more diabetes cases in the French population.